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Pleasurists #126

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Pleasurists adult product review round-up

Monday, April 18, 2011

Climax Bursts Warming Lube Review

This was an impulse purchase. Honestly, I wish I had looked at reviews on this lube on EdenFantasys before purchasing this from another sex shop.

I picked this lube with all the best intentions. I was roadtripping almost two hours out of town for my friend’s birthday. We stopped at a sex shop that we are not strangers to.

My eyes fell upon a display of glass dildos from the icicles line, and saw that they were all on sale. I picked up icicles 12 and I couldn’t bring myself to put it back. At the check-out counter, I decided that lube would be a good idea, so I asked the guy about the warming lubricants they had. Warming lube and a glass dildo? Hell yeah it sounded too good to be true. Unfortunately, I found that it really doesn’t live up to my expectations.

Size: The lube comes in a 4 oz. bottle and is oil based. There are a bunch of little red ball things that are supposed to pop, presumably from rubbing up against them, and further adding to the warming sensation.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="398" caption="Looks pretty, but it wants to prey on your vagina. Those balls are filled with Vitamin E, and pain."][/caption]

Use: There are dizzying amount of materials used in sex toys these days, so keep in mind that if you are using a personal lubricant to make sure that it is safe to use the lube with the product. Unfortunately, oil-based lubes are not highly compatible with most toy materials. They are safe with glass and metal are safe as a general rule. Oil-based lube is not good for any material derived from TPE or TPR. Occasionally, it is compatible with certain derivations of PVC, but it’s always best to check the compatibility before use. If you want a lube that’s compatible with most toys, water-based lubes are your best bet. Want to shoot the messenger? Well, sorry! Look at this uber comprehensive material guide on EdenFantasys.com and tell me otherwise.

Contrary to how it looks, I’ve actually used this quite a few times. I’ve been trying to give it a few trials before tossing it . One of the few good things about this is the nature of the bottle’s design. That nice pop-top prevents the uber-feared lube leakage, while also allowing for more controlled application. Due to the oil-base, you don’t need a lot. It’s very good at lubing you up so you can avoid that horrible chaffing feeling.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="398" caption="Those little ball bits? Yeah, no matter how well you wash, you'll still find them leaving your body, days later..."][/caption]

I’ve read many reviews on this product, and found that most people said that they had a hard time getting the little balls to crush. To be honest, the first few times I used it, the lube didn’t warm up very much. My guess is that the balls didn’t crush the first few times. With continued use (I was determined to get my money’s worth), I figured out how to get the balls to crush, and let me just say that I am not a fan of the results.

I find that they do indeed warm up quite a bit if you continually stimulate the area it is administered to (ahem, your naughty bits) using circular motions. It might take a little bit, but the friction is what really gets the lube to warm up and the warming-agent balls to break down. Once you feel the heat, it burns like a bitch! This is the only warming lube I have ever used, and to be honest, I don’t want to use one again. I’m scared that my vulva will re-experience that horrible dull, burning feeling. It felt like I shoved spicy peppers up my vagina. Don’t get me wrong, I have a high tolerance for spice, but not in my vag!

It’s strange. I find that I don’t have the same burning sensation if I just put a toy in and not play around with the lube first. For this reason alone, I have not yet tossed it. I will be rid of it once I have a proper (or at least better) lube replacement.

I have no idea how this would react to a penis, but I’m under the impression that due to my experience, that this lube is not well-crafted for vaginas or butts for that matter. I shudder to think how horrible it would be to experience anal and that spicy pepper feeling up your ass at the same time. O_O.

I don’t suggest this lube to anyone, but if you’re stubborn and insist upon getting it anyway, you’ve been warned! It might be more suitable for a handjob, but I don’t have a readily available penis to test this out on, so this is merely an assumption of mine.

Ingredients: Here are the ingredients: Propylene glycol, Glyceryl polymethacrylate, PEG-8, Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, Tocopheryl acetate, Retinyl palmitate, Agar, and Red 30. Honestly, I can't make heads or tails of most of these ingredients, but it's pretty apparent that it's not natural.

Texture: Outside the fact that it sometimes makes my vag burn, I find I also don’t like it because I despise the greasy texture. Blergh. Oil does not feel good in my vagina. If they could make lube that completely imitated natural lady lubrication, I’d use that. Yeah, we’re getting a little personal here, but I love my own texture. Unfortunately, sometimes my libido is ahead of my body’s ability to lube me up naturally. Also, don't put this in your mouths kiddos. I did on accident (hand to mouth fiasco) and it was horrible beyond horrible.

More Bad Mojo: Another not so pleasant fact about oil-based lube is that it will stain everything!! It will leave oil spots on your bedsheets and your clothing. It’ll look like you had fingers immersed with potato chip grease that you rubbed all over your nice things, making you in turn look like a slob.

All in all, I give this lube a 2/5. It could be worse. I didn't have an allergic reaction that forced me into the ER, but I hate the oily texture and that burning feeling that make me feel like I have a venereal disease. Owwie!
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Porn Review: Skater Girl Fever - Totally Tubular

[caption id="attachment_268" align="aligncenter" width="449" caption="Want this porn? Get 15% off at edenfantasys.com with coupon code "SV8" at checkout. Use it for any item as many times as you like!"][/caption]

Got a thing for alternative porn and a fetish for skater girls? This might just be the right porn for you.

Director Dave Naz, former band member of Chemical People, filmed this porn with the intent of pretty much “keeping it real” with the sex scenes, while still indulging in fantasy. The result? Atypical porn.

It’s nothing short of unique. Everything is focused on keeping the fantasy intact, but without bothering to slap on a loose plot-line like many other porns do. Everything down to the tube socks, the skateboards, the outfits, the demeanor, the punk rock, and the wood panel walls, screams California skater mixed with the porn of the 1970’s. It’s got a kitsch vibe and a laid back structural appeal that provides unique camera angles, sex scene variety, believable spontaneity, real music from the band The Dwarves and crooner Andre “The Rhythm” Williams, and a cast that actually seems to enjoy what they’re doing. There are five sex scenes total with splices of “comic relief” provided by the antics of Nadia Styles and Christie Lee in between sex scenes. The porn itself spans 3 hours.

The porn starts off by showing random shots of our cast of characters in motion. Nadia Styles and Tommy Pistol skateboard in separate shots around a neighborhood.

Leah Luv chews gum flashing her braces, rolling back and forth on a board, never failing to look entirely bored and kind of blank. Faith (Leon) and Kimberly Kane pose for photos. James Deen and Gia Jordan chill and he grabs her crotch, but she doesn't particularly seem to mind. Christie Lee and Nadia Styles goof off on the couch, which continues between every sex scene in the movie from that point onward. Between scenes they discuss things like cameltoe, and Christie Lee's "tongue," aka one of her labia that juts out like a tongue.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="437" caption="Look at mah tongue!"][/caption]

Now onto the sex scenes!

Sex Scene 1: This scene features Nat Turnher and Leah Luv. I consider this scene, by far the most unusual of all of them. It starts off with a shot of Leah Luv from the legs down walking into the bathroom. She drops her panties and wipes herself. Suddenly Nat Turnher enters and she starts giving him head while still on the toilet, with her panties still down. You can here what I can only presume is the sound of her peeing. The music that kicks in, makes the scene even more awkward. Out of nowhere, "Let Me Put It In," by Andre Williams starts playing.

After the initial, WTF moment, I couldn't help but laugh my ass off because it was just so unexpected. He doesn't cum, like you'd expect in a typical porn. Instead, the scene cuts mid-blowjob to them in a living room in different clothing where they immediately begin rubbing up on each and kissing. They quickly undress and he begins licking and sucking on her nipples. He gives her a lengthy oral session which includes fingering, analingus, and anal fingering. The scene continues with vaginal and anal intercourse. Later, she performs analingus on him and gives him oral again after anal insertion. The scene ends with a pop-shot into her mouth.

Sex Scene 2: This scene features James Deen and Gia Jordan. Yet again, no conversation. The scene cuts straight to the action. She starts by deep throating him, which he's pretty damn rough with. She gags and you hear that distinctive "glurging" noise (which always make me a little sick) . He fingers her pussy and ass. From there, the scene goes all over the place. The scene includes vaginal penetration, anal penetration, and oral penetration following anal. During vaginal penetration, he takes her fingers and tells her to stick them in her ass while he fucks her pussy.

He firmly holds her fingers in place with one hand while using the other to grab onto her as he fucks her. This scene is incredibly rough, but Gia seems to love everything. There's spanking, choking, and hair pulling while he enters from behind; in additon, he frequently forces his hand over her mouth (and sometimes he just shoves it in there) and even slaps her in the face which she asks for more of. The scene also includes mutual masturbation (one rubbing the other, as opposed to themselves), and him fingering her ass while wanking himself. The scene includes variations of woman-on-top, rear entry, and missionary. The scene ends with him cumming into her ass. He forces her fingers back in there, telling her to squeeze her ass muscles to help her better scoop out his cum, which he then tells her to taste. This goes on quite awhile.

Sex Scene 3: This scene starts off with Kimberly Kane and Faith Leon kissing, while Demented by The Dwarves plays in the background. It quickly progresses to stripping, breast play, and full-body kissing, sucking, and biting. At first, I expected an average lesbian scene. You know the kind, where the women fake it all the way through and are really doing it just for the paycheck. What I got instead was a rough playful scene where the girls really seemed to enjoy themselves and were very concerned with making sure the other one felt good.

This scene has it all and by far is my favorite scene. There's lots of playful (but hard) spanking, oral, analingus, fingering (vaginal and anal), tribadism (pussy to pussy rubbing), dildo play, dildo sucking, and dildo spanking. Nothing in this scene was gentle. Absolutely everything was rough. Neither one of them was officially dominant, so they frequently switched between giving and receiving. It's refreshing because they genuinely seem interested in giving the other pleasure. When they give each other oral, they often make the other one taste themselves by sticking each other's fingers in the other's mouths. They also sixty-nine.

They're extremely playful and for the most part it's enjoyable to watch. It's obvious that Faith and Kimberly don't take themselves too seriously and they're very interested in having fun. They get into a "cat-fight" and begin wrestling on the couch. Later after more sexy time, they get into a spitting fight, where they literally spit all over each other's bodies, which I didn't find sexy. Although I found it a little gross (they were literally spitting into each other's mouths), I also found it incredibly comical. Even though I didn't like the spit fight, they were clearly having fun since they were giggling the entire time. It was especially funny when they were name-calling. Kimberly was trying to push Faith's limits and give her a super strong orgasm which made Faith whine and squirm all over. Kimberly called her a baby.

Sex Scene 4: This scene includes James Deen (again) and Charlotte Stokely. This is yet another rough scene. The scene includes heavy-handed spanking, oral, analingus and then it goes straight to rough vaginal fucking, during which he slaps her breasts again and again. I Want To Be Your Favorite Pair of Pajamas by Andre Williams plays in the background. She deep throats him and makes that gagging sound. It goes right back to rough vaginal penetration and anal. He also does that thing where guys completely exit the vagina to look at how stretched it is (I don't like to see that). This scene also includes choking, hair pulling, and dirty talk that goes beyond just dirty.

[caption id="attachment_266" align="aligncenter" width="437" caption="The cats are watching you touch yourself"][/caption]

He makes her beg for his cock and he asks her what his dick and her fingers taste like. Answer, pussy and her ass. He seems intent on fucking her until exhaustion. He fingers her ass while penetrating her vaginally. The scene ends with a pop-shot.

What I didn't like about this scene was that Charlotte Stokely resembles a child or at least a very young teenager. It made me feel like a pedophile. Her eye makeup runs hardcore, presumably from a lot of sweating. It makes her look like she's been crying which likewise made me uncomfortable.

Sex Scene 5: Nadia Styles and Christie Lee have been goofing off between scenes the entire time up to now. If you were expecting another shot of them just goofing off, you're in for a surprise. They actually have a scene together. They kiss and swap Christie's bubblegum back and forth, while Massacre by The Dwarves plays in the background. They rub and kiss each other's breasts, and give each other oral, analingus, and mutual oral, and spankings. Out of nowhere, Tommy Pistol rolls in on a skateboard on his back. He places his face under Christie Lee's twat and begins licking away.

Tommy Pistol seems to love giving oral, so he focuses on giving oral for awhile.Eventually, Christie and Nadia undress him and swap between riding and oral, after insisting to taste each other’s pussy on his cock. Christie and Nadia are extremely playful.There’s plenty of joking around and giggling. They never seem bored, they even get into a mini-pillow fight. When Christie rides him, Tommy fingers Nadia.

Surprisingly, Tommy receives analingus (you don't usually see that in porn where the target audience is not gay men). The girls kiss while taking turns riding his cock.  Christie receives oral from Nadia while getting anal at the same time. Nadia really enjoyed tasting Christie’s ass and asked to taste it again and again, so she sucks Tommy's cock several times after he takes his cock out of Christie's ass. The scene ends with a facial, and the girls lick and kiss the cum off of each other.


Editing: For the most part the editing was appropriate, but at times it did feel a little awkward. This was most apparent when Leah Luv is blowing Nat Turnher and then suddenly they're in a different room wearing different clothes.

Camera Angles: There's a variety of camera angles which are erotic and yet more interesting because the variety makes things more interesting.

Music and sound: I liked it. It's rare to hear porn with real music, and pretty good music for that matter. If you don't like punk, or sex-saturated crooning, you may not like this music. It generally plays at the beginning of a scene but fades out as things get more intense. The sound captures all the moans and groans. I didn't notice any awkward background noises.

If you missed the music that was previously mentioned, here's your chance to check out the "soundtrack" again.
Let Me Put It In - Andre Williams (plays during Nat and Leah's scene)

Demented - The Dwarves (plays during the main menu and Kimberly and Faith's scene)

I Wanna Be Your Favorite Pair of Pajama's - Andre Williams (plays during Charlotte and James' scene)

Massacre - The Dwarves feat Dexter Holland (plays during opening, the mini-scenes with Nadia and Christie, and the sex scene between Nadia, Christie, and Tommy)

Extras: There's really not too much to see here. One can only assume that this is the case since the porn itself is three hours long. The special features only include the "Behind The Scenes Featurette," which is pretty much random clips of the actresses joking around, and the trailers for Skater Girl Fever and Rebelle Rousers, which is another  alt porn directed by Dave Naz.

Personal Comments: This porn was highly unusual. It's wild, rough, enthusiastic, and has plenty of variety. How often do you witness comic relief between sex scenes?  The people seem familiar enough with each other that there is playful banter and “conversation” during scenes. They seem genuinely interested in pleasing themselves and the other person or people involved in the scene. They aren’t just having sex because “it’s their job,” they seem to really enjoy themselves. These girls are wild and free and pretty open to suggestion. I don’t think I heard a single faked orgasm. All of the breasts were natural, the labia came in different shapes and sizes, and the actors and actresses didn’t seem to be having sex based upon what the director said, or demanded from a script. It looks like the director essentially gave them free range to do whatever the fuck they wanted to do. It was very free-spirited and hedonist. I was also surprised to see a man receiving analingus in porn that wasn't directed towards gay males. It seems that there was a genuine disregard for the rules and they just did whatever felt good.
Interested in this porn? You can get it 15% off at Eden Fantasys by using the coupon code "SV8" at check out. It never expires and you can use it on any items as much as you want.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pleasurists #123

(This is long overdue, but I'd feel like an ass if I didn't post it now. Better late than never)

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